Printing Solution for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab is the latest device that takes printing experience to the next level. One of the thornier issues for mobiles devices today is how to print documents from your gadget. Samsung, one of the leading mobile devices showed off during a Galaxy Tab demo how the device allows users to print a document from the tablet on any WiFi printer. Users will be able to print Microsoft Office docs, PDF’s and graphics as well as pictures straight from the gadget.

Users just choose what document to print and the Galaxy Tab has an all ready application or option for printing. This tackles the issue that most consumers face as more people depend on smartphones and tablets as their primary computing device. These devices have given convenience and easy access to the internet and allowed people to view and create documents. But when it comes to printing needs, users need to connect to a standard computer to complete the job. This latest innovation helps in the evolution of mobile devices as an independent platform that can work even without another computer.

Samsung is not the only Electronics Company that dealt with this issue; Motorola just recently launched their MotoPrint which is reportedly coming by the end of 2010.

Google is working on enabling cloud printing through Google Cloud Print from desktop, web and mobile apps. Apple also announced iPad’s printing capabilities through AirPrint in the upcoming iOS 4.2 update this November however it will only be compatible to HP’s latest ePrint printers and can receive job prints through e-mail address. This feature from Samsung Galaxy Tab is expected to be included on the devices that will be released on the scheduled dates.

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