How Is Samsung Galaxy Tab Used As eReader?

Thinking of buying a Sony eReader or a Kindle? Think again.. the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch tablet easily doubles as an eReader. Let me point out some great features it’s got that make reading ebooks a breeze. Check out the size, it’s only 7 inches which means it’s one of the smallest tablets available in the market, which also means that you won’t have a difficult time trying to hold it up while you read because you can do that with one hand while using your other hand to flip the page. As a plus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has extra packed-in features being offered by an Android operating system.

As small as 7 inch it may be for its screen size, but it can render a resolution of 1024×600 and it is a TFT LCD screen which means images are displayed with superb clarity. This makes reading even those tiny fonts fairly easy.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab offers a full feature of extra functionality, apps, and a lot more, this adds more flavor to using the tablet as an eReader. It will deliver the full color with better display of magazines and newspapers. Enjoy the pre-installed software that comes with the Android 2.2 Froyo, it will cater you to many types of reading. Software like PressDisplay is perfect for reading newspapers, for ebooks you can use Kobo, and magazines there is the Zinio. All these are easy to access with a button called Reader Hub.

To use Kobo, you’ll need to make an account online, this is advantageous for you because when you are already a subscriber of their store, you can log on to their services directly via the web and download it for reading on other devices as well. Kobo is a smart app, it remembers the last place where you left off before closing your reading material. A nice feature of Kobo is that you can tweak its settings to turn off power saving mode, what this does is it increases the brightness of the screen making your reading experience a more pleasant one. If, however, you wish to conserve power, you can simply turn power saving mode back on.

For PressDisplay app, you too will need to subscribe online so that you can view newspapers instantly that have been published globally. The best thing about PressDisplay is it allowing you to select specific lifts from different papers, this means you will be reading only those papers that you really want to read and skip parts that are boring to you. Zooming also applies in PressDisplay.

Finally, Zinio is just like PressDisplay but is specifically designed for magazines. The cool feature you get with this app is that it allows you to turn the device and view it on its side in the case of double spreads. More functionality includes easy picking through stories, zoom in and out, and display magazines in text format only.

To summarize it all, the Samsung Galaxy Tab as an eReader gives you unmatched portability, excellent display clarity and great apps specifically designed to make reading a whole new positive experience.

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