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How Is Samsung Galaxy Tab Used As eReader?

Thinking of buying a Sony eReader or a Kindle? Think again.. the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch tablet easily doubles as an eReader. Let me point out some great features it’s got that make reading ebooks a breeze. Check out the size, it’s only 7 inches which means it’s one of the smallest tablets available in the market, which also means that you won’t have a difficult time trying to hold it up while you read because you can do that with one hand while using your other hand to flip the page. As a plus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab… Read more

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How to do a Hard Reset on your Samsung Galaxy Tab

All electronic devices whether powered by electricity or battery, will eventually freeze. When this happens to your Galaxy Tab you wont be able to use any of the buttons or controls. It sucks, but oh well.. i guess even super computers used by NASA hang sometimes.

What’s important is that you have the means to restart the whole process and get your device up and running again. Here are the step by step instructions how to do a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Galaxy Tab Reboot Tutorial

1. Turn your device off.
2. Using the button to… Read more

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Use the ATK App for longer battery life on your Galaxy Tab

Most of you probably heard of the ATK app. ATK stands for Advanced Task Killer, this is one of the most popular apps in the Adroid Market. Its function is, like what its name implies, kill applications. You might ask why this is an important app or why you need to kill applications running in your Samsung Galaxy Tab, this is because there are numerous applications on your tablet that start on their own and you really don’t need them running the whole time.. they’ll suck the life out of your battery as they run silently in the… Read more

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Galaxy Tab Tutorial – Setup WiFi in 8 Easy Steps

Here’s an easy tutorial for all new Samsung Galaxy Tab owners. So you just unboxed your shinny new Samsung Galaxy Tab and cant wait to get online? Don’t despair if you dont have a data package with your provider, you can also connect via your own free wireless network at home or at the office. You can even setup multiple profiles and use free wifi at your local coffee shop. Wireless network settings on the Galaxy Tab are pretty straight forward, but if you’re not sure how to connect to the internet we’re here to help.

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Honeycomb 3.0 available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab??

UPDATE: The Technomancer ROM shared by XDA Developers is actually a beta release of Gingerbread 2.3.1, not the widely anticipated Honeycomb 3.0. However many users have reported that the Heimdall flashing procedure works, use at your own risk.

For all of you Android device owners who have been wanting to get your hands on the Android 3.0 Honeycomb, here it is. Well, a pre-release hacked version anyways. Honeycomb is still not up for purchase due to the fact that it’s still in the development phase, or beta as some of you nerds would call it. Even… Read more

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Firmware Update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Fantastic news for Samsung Galaxy Tab owners with Sprint – your Android tablet device’s firmware can now be updated with Sprint’s over-the-air update. This much anticipated firmware upgrade focuses primarily on new drivers for the LCD, and an Exchange email client application.

This update is actually already underway and is expected to finish for all Sprint customers within four days. Other enhancements you’ll get from this update include the QIK software update to higher version 0.04.77 which overlays the existing versions, and a lot of bug fixes for the Exchange email client.

How do I know if my Galaxy Tab… Read more

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Solution for Full Screen Mode Problem on the Galaxy Tab

There are a few applications wherein the Galaxy Tab seems to have a problem opening them on full screen mode. Users have tried experimenting on their device, making a few adjustments on the settings, however, all was in vain. But now, with the help of an application you can download online, you will be able to optimize your 7-inch touch screen display.

The application is called Spare Parts. Once you have it on your tablet, simply run the app, go to “General” then look for “Compatibility Mode”. Remove the check mark on the box located on the right side then… Read more

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Galaxy Tab Hack – now run Android 2.3 Gingerbread

One of the best things about owning an Android device is that you can make it run software of different versions. Everybody’s been waiting an update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab to run Android 2.3 (aka “Gingerbread”). Well, the wait is over. Cyanogen has released its hack for this however it’s still on its beta version – there is still room for improvements. A word of advice though, don’t try this hack just yet if you are not sure what to do to make it run properly as it could cause your Galaxy tab to malfunction. Some of the features… Read more

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How to Overclock the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Most Tablets such as iPad, Dell Streak, and even the coming 3G Blackberry Playbook have the same processor speeds; they’re all powered by a 1 GHz engine. Did you know that you can get a get a boost of 200 MHz (from 1 GHz to 1.2 GHz) by overclocking the CPU on your Samsung Galaxy Tab? Hummingbird processors can actually be overclocked to 1.6 GHz, but 1.4 GHz has been proven and tested to be the safest limit.

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Galaxy Tab’s Bootloader Hacked

The Samsung Galaxy Tab community was rocked today with the announcement that the bootloader has finally been hacked. The first question that may come to your mind is “who hacked it?” That clever hacker would be Chainfire – he has figured out a way to break the protection on Samsung Galaxy Tab’s stock ROMs. He was able to create a patch that ensures you will never be locked out of flashing your tablet

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Steps on downloading and saving YouTube videos on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Online videos are fantastic. They are accessible anytime, anywhere and they’re free of charge- most of the time. But sometimes when you are on the go and always on the road, connectivity becomes a problem and the videos that you love are becoming less accessible.

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Enjoying your Samsung Galaxy Tab – Useful Tips

The Samsung Galaxy Tab’s size and portability makes it a perfect gadget for people on the go. It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere a user likes. Apart from web browsing, what is the use of a small device like this? Check this out.

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How To: Take Screenshots with the Galaxy Tab

Simple Tip for Galaxy Tab Users.

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Enjoy Music with your device: How to sync your Galaxy Tab with iTunes

ITunes is pretty much popular not just on Apple products but also Android devices such as Galaxy Tab. This application can work well on your tablet PC, all that is needed is a separate application to be downloaded-it is called iTunes Agent. Follow the instructions below for exceptional iTunes music and entertainment on your Galaxy Tab. There will be two sections detailing the process. The first section gives instructions on how to get the software iTunes Agent. This enables user to utilize Galaxy Tab with iTunes on a Windows-based computer-assuming that iTunes have already been installed, or the device has… Read more

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[How To] An Easy Guide to making Calls on your Galaxy Tab

If you own an AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab then it probably won’t come as much surprise to learn that s clever modder has figured out how to enable calling with the device using the Odin flasher tool.  Before you do anything know that this is a complicated process and that any steps given in the following guide may damage your Galaxy Tab and void your warranty so we cannot be held liable for any of your mishaps. **If you don’t understand what you are doing then please do not try this. GalaxyTabbing willRead more

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[How To] Set up Google Voice on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Although the Tab can’t make GSM or CDMA calls (of course, VoIP calls are theoretically possible), users still wanted to be able to send and receive Google Voice text messages.

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[How To] Configure Your Swype Settings

If you’re having problems with your Galaxy Tab Swype settings, use the following instructions to configure it to your liking:

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[HOW TO] Set Up an Alarm on the Galaxy Tab (VIDEO)

Sometimes even the easiest things are complicated. That’s why we found this video for you to enjoy. Video after the jump.

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{How To} Reverting your Samsung Galaxy Tab to Factory Settings

Resetting your Samsung Galaxy Tab back to its Factory settings is not as complicated as you think it is. The factory reset option is the simplest way to revert your tablet PC to its original settings, just before you bought it. If your Samsung Galaxy Tab device is working fine on Android OS, the using the factory reset option will complete the task. However, what are you going to do if your device will not go ON? Need not worry, there’s a way for everything all the time. Before you even begin with the reset process, first save all the… Read more

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How to Transfer your Galaxy Tab Apps to an SD Card

For Tablet Computers like the Galaxy Tab, memory is not so much of an advantage. There is a limit to these devices’s internal storage and due to its mobility users want to store almost everything in it; just in case they are needed. Applications eat up a lot of the devices memory. Good thing is that these applications can be moved to an SD card which for Samsung Galaxy Tab is expandable for up to 64GB.

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